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We are one of the oldest business families in Keshod & Surat (Gujarat) with a family legacy of 6 years in business. Honest and transparent business practices should form the foundation of the group.

One of the most sought after item by Indians is gold. Since ancient time Gold is considered as a store house of value in India. Be it urban India or rural India, rich or poor India, each one tries to buy gold at the first available opportunity. Ladies always eye for this yellow metal. Mostly they prefer to purchase gold in form of jewellry. Whenever one plan’s to purchase Gold or gold jewellery, the very first thing that he should ensure is the purity of Gold i.e how pure the gold is?

Purity Grade
Gold purity grade shows how pure the gold is.
999 – 24 carat – Pure Gold, 958 – 23 carat, 916 – 22 carat, 875 – 21 carat, 750 – 18 carat, 708 – 17 carat, 585 – 14 carat, 417 – 10 carat, 375 – 9 carat, 333 – 8 carat

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