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The Skyward Group

Established in Burdwan in February 2015 the Skyward Group aims to develop quality infrastructure and real estate projects. The Group constantly innovates for quality and design excellence and work towards making living spaces affordable and deliver true value for money and solutions for every strata of the society.

Current Associations of The Skyward Group :

Asma Foundation :

Gita Foundation :

With skills acquired since the inception of organized Indian real estate, we stand out in a crowded market with an unmatched ability to select locations and develop them in a way that optimizes their geographical attributes. Our towering projects dotting the city skylines stand testament to our rigorous standards, consistent innovation and unique architectural and engineering capabilities.

With lofty visions to provide a superior quality of life to the city’s denizens, serve them with humility and continually exceed their exacting standards, we stride ahead – while being firmly rooted in the spirit of The Skyward Group.

  • Operations, Infrastructure & Services:

    The Skyward Group is currently operating in Kolkata market with a team of 20 members. It is presently active in the following fields:

    • Property Marketing
    • Project Marketing
    • Real Estate Investment Services
    • Secondary Market Services (Resale)
    • Interior Designing
    • Interior Consultation
    • Custom Contracting
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    The Skyward Group

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